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Migrating Between Greenlight v3 Servers in BigBlueButton

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BigBlueButton (BBB) is a popular open-source web conferencing platform. Greenlight, a component responsible for user authentication and meeting management, plays a vital role. Migrating data between Greenlight servers is crucial when upgrading hardware or consolidating resources. This article discusses migrating a Greenlight v3 database to a new server,a scenario not directly addressed in the official documentation.

The Challenge: Migrating v3 to v3

The official guide addresses migrating from v2 to v3, but not v3 to v3. This gap can leave users confused and hinder the migration process.

The Solution for BBB Greenlight migration :

No solution for migrating a Greenlight v3 database to a new server is available in official documentation but luckily you have reached the correct place for BBB troubleshooting . Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

  1. Transfer Recordings: Ensure all recordings are transferred from the old server to the new server. This preserves your meeting history.
  2. Archive and Move Greenlight: Use tools like tar or zip to compress the entire Greenlight folder (/greenlight-v3) on the old server. Move the archive to the new server, replacing the existing Greenlight folder.
  3. Restart Services: Stop docker containers with docker-compose down.
  4. Unpack and Configure: On the new server, extract the Greenlight archive. Edit the .env file within the extracted folder to update environment variables like BIGBLUEBUTTON_ENDPOINT and BIGBLUEBUTTON_SECRET with the new server’s details.
  5. Update and Synchronize: Pull the latest Greenlight image using docker-compose pull. Finally, start the Greenlight service with docker-compose up -d and synchronize recordings with sudo docker exec -it greenlight-v3 bundle exec rake server_recordings_sync.

Important Considerations for this BBB Greenlight Migration process:

  • This approach assumes both servers have Docker installed and Greenlight is containerized.
  • Backing up the Greenlight database before proceeding is highly recommended.
  • Consider user authentication methods. If using LDAP or another external service, ensure it’s configured on the new server as well.

This solution allows migrating a Greenlight v3 database to a new server. While not an official method, it offers a practical approach for users facing this specific scenario. Remember to adapt these steps to your specific environment and prioritise data backups for a smooth migration process.

Die deutsche Version dieses Artikels auf BigBlueButton finden Sie unter BigBlueButton (BBB) Greenlight-Migration